British Made Mezzanine Floors

30 years experience in the Design & Installation of all types of mezzanine floors.

jog consultants ltd are north east based mezzanine floor suppliers & installers.

we providing a complete UK service of industrial, office & retail mezzanine floors & mezzanine floor safety elements.

“JOG Consultants are Industrial, Office and Retail Mezzanine Floor Storage Solution Experts. We are a family run company in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, North East England. We provide high quality mezzanine floor systems through the UK. We provide an extremely high quality mezzanine floor service from the initial design, to supply and installation.  “

John – M.D JOG Consultants Ltd

an industry leading mezzanine floor service by

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our mezzanine floors

industrial mezzanine floors

Our Industrial mezzanine floors can be designed for a number of uses from storage (4.8 km/m2) to manufacturing (from 4.8 kn/m2 past 20 kn/m2) depending on requirement….. read more   

office mezzanine floors

Our commercial and office mezzanine floor can effectively double your workable space and triple it if you have space for a multi-tier mezzanine floor and we provide the full service… more

retail mezzanine floors

Our Retail Mezzanine Floors offer the opportunity to expand your sales/showroom at a fraction of the cost of moving retail premises and as our retail mezzanine floors are fully demountable… more

mezzanine floor safety