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Adding mezzanine floor column protection is a relatively easy process to your new or existing mezzanine. Often column cladding is required by building regulations as a fire protective method. But we also use it as an aesthetically pleasing way to hide mezzanine uprights, especially in the retail industry, it is usually installed with suspended ceilings to offer full protection.

Our column cladding can provide 1,2,3 or 4 sided protection. The standard four sided cladding consists of a U shaped piece of steel reinforcing with an insulation layer relevant to the fire protection required and a second section snaps on to provide full protection. For show only cladding we can provide a standard 30 minute fire rating cladding. For higher demands we can supply fire protected cladding up to 4 hours.

Our Column cladding is available in sections of 4200 mm long and up to 1100 in girth. For more information on our column protection and prices. Please contact us for more information.

fire rated protection

fire rated protection

column protection

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