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mezzanine floor Suspended ceilings

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Like our column cladding systems Suspended Ceilings are not just an aesthetically pleasing way to hide the steel work of the underside of a mezzanine floor, they also offer essential fire rating. Building Regulations approval when required may stipulate that your mezzanine floor must be fire rated, if this is the case we have a number of ceiling options for the job. Ceiling tile fire rating ranges from thirty minutes rating through to two hour depending on the use of the mezzanine and building regulation requirements. The fire rating coating does not affect the weight of the tile but some styles are limited by the rating you require.

There are various style such as;

  • Mineral Ceiling Tiles
  • Wood Panel Tiles
  • Metal Tiles

In an extensive range of colours. We provide all the grid work (which is also fire rated) and fitting if requested. We often supply suspended ceilings with Office Partitioning in order to create a full office fit outs and also supply ceilings to hid the underneath of a mezzanine floors to make them more presentable. 

Standard suspended ceiling

fire rated suspended ceiling

fire rated plastered ceiling

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