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UK Mezzanine Floor Pallet Gates

mezzanine floor pallet gates

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Mezzanine floor pallet gates over a simple and safe way of protecting an open area of your industrial mezzanine floor used to add and remove stock or materials on pallets.

The standard ‘up and over’ pallet gate is perfect for standard 1200mm x 1000mm pallets up to a certain height. We can also provide a chequer plate and angled fascia to ensure there is no damage to the floor by the loaded pallet.

Of course not every mezzanine floor needs a standard pallet gate. As a result there are many other types of gate to fulfill these requirements such as:

  • Pallet Gates with high load pallet clearance
  • Pallet Gates with high load pallet clearance with low headroom
  • Pallet gates with barrier protection to avoid potential fall risks
  • Unrestricted height pallet gates for high loaded pallets (up to a certain weight)

Our pallet gates can be provided in a number of finishes to match you mezzanine handrail and all systems have safety precautions such as gate locks to avoid being accidentally pushed open.

up & over pallet gate

up & over pallet gate

up & over pallet gate

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