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mezzanine floor safety mesh

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mezzanine floor SAFETY MESH

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Safety netting can be used as an additional safety precaution on mezzanine flooring, incorporated with hand railing and kick plates, it ensures no products or personnel can fall from the floor potential causing injury or damage.

Available in a number of colours and styles we can supply and install a safety netting system which matches your requirements of size and potential load should a product or person fall into it. These systems are ideal if staff will be operating above the handrail level, such as on ladders or platforms, or where items are stored above handrail height close to the edge of the floor. We can provide safety netting that fits uptight against your mezzanine floor and runs the full height to the ceiling or safety netting that fits into the handrail space providing additional protection. Our safety netting is available in standard sizes and bespoke to allow for access around pallet gates and mezzanine floor staircases and can also be provided with a fire retardant coating if necessary. 

mezzanine mesh

mezzanine mesh

mezzanine mesh

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