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Retail, Office and Industrial Mezzanine Floors (if designed and build properly) are very strong and durable, however this does not mean that they are indestructible. As part of our service we can asses your mezzanine floor safety and additional needs and provide any of the following for your new or existing mezzanine floor:

Our mezzanine floor expertise has been built up over thirty years in the mezzanine floor industry, based in Newcastle in North East England our client base has quickly increased through the North East into Scotland and the North West with repeat clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Scottish Borders, Carlisle and the Lake District. This increase in business is largely down to our reputation for providing superb guidance and only providing quality materials. 

As part of our quality mezzanine floor service we offer a range of mezzanine floor safety accessories, which we can supply and install as part of a new installation or to your existing mezzanine floor, anywhere in the North of England and Scotland.

pallet gates

safety mesh

fire rated ceilings


column cladding