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Retail mezzanine floors

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Our Retail Mezzanine Floors offer the opportunity to expand your sales/showroom at a fraction of the cost of moving retail premises and as our retail mezzanine floors are fully demountable you can remove them as and when you need to.

We know how important it is to our clients that their new retail mezzanine floor must look and feel the part. It MUST be well finished, clean and attractive, it must blend in, there can’t be odd flooring creaks or exposed edges and above all we know the floor must draw in customers.

We have been fitting retail mezzanine floors for years, we have fitted small ones in commercial properties for electrical wholesalers and huge, (often muti-tier) mezzanines for shopping centres and retail stores. We take the finish very seriously. We design all our mezzanine floors with AutoCAD for precise measurement plans to make sure the finished floor matches everyone’s standards. We can hide exposed areas such as the mezzanine floor underside with a coated plasterboard or a suspended ceiling and exposed flooring columns and foot plates can also be plaster boarded or hidden with column cladding.

Retail Mezzanine Floors are often used as additional sales space to maximise stock exposure and ultimately sales revenue, they are also used for office space, fitting rooms areas or just for storage in a retail environment.

When assessing installation we take into account that you may require us to install your retail mezzanine outside usual working hours such as through the night or on a tight schedule requiring ’round the clock’ shifts. All these issues will be discussed and resolved during the consultation.

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