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UK Mezzanine Floor Hand Rail & Kickplates

mezzanine floor hand rail & kick plates

supplied & installed

All our new Mezzanine Floors are provided with handrail and kick plates as standard unless specified otherwise or in certain situations such as commercial mezzanines with office partitions. As a result our handrail service is far more common with existing mezzanines.

The legal requirement for handrail is a height of 1100mm with a second horizontal bar at about half way. Kick plates are NOT a legal requirement but are advisory to avoid small items being kicked of the floor.

Common handrails tend to be reinforced steel or reinforced plastic, although they are very strong there is also the likelihood that over time they may become damaged, loose or broken. At this stage we can remove the old system and replace it with a new stronger handrail in a variety of styles and colours.

We can also provide and install kick plates to existing mezzanine floors to prevent damage or injury by small items kicked over the edge of the floor.

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