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industrial mezzanine floors

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Over the years we have installed hundreds of industrial mezzanine floors in industrial facilities such as warehouses and factories through Newcastle, the North East, Southern Scotland and the whole UK. Our industrial mezzanine have been used to:

  • Create more workable spaces for machinery in warehouses
  • Create storage space above a working area
  • Create show space

We have a range of options to suit all budgets and requirements. Our industrial mezzanine floors can be supplied with a water resistant chipboard floor as standard, a checker plate panel if liquids are being stored,or a steel open grid floor. We will ensure the floor meets industrial building regulations on your behalf and can provide the necessary fire protection to the underside such as column cladding and suspended ceilings or protective paint to the mezzanine decking.

Our Industrial mezzanine floors can be designed for a number of uses from office use (3.6 kn/m2) to storage (4.8 km/m2) or manufacturing (from 4.8 kn/m2 past 20 kn/m2) depending on industrial requirement.   

Most factory and warehouse industrial mezzanine floors are required to fit around specific machinery or have specific requirements. Such as extra long spans that reduce the number of columns required allowing extra space underneath the floor or a fully floating mezzanine floor which attaches to exiting warehouse bracing or walls. Our industrial mezzanine floors can be designed for these specific requirements.