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mezzanine floor partitions

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Industrial partitioning is usually seen in warehouses and industrial areas, they tend to made made for single or double skin steel partitions which are more durable and easier to clean down then commercial partitions. They can be power painted to suit and can be fire rated if needed, they are common on mezzanine floors used for storage or for protecting materials from machinery waste such as metal filings or oil and grease.

Commercial Office Partitions are far more commonly used when a mezzanine floor is being used as an office, kitchen, toilet facilities or meeting room. They can be far more attractive then steel partitions especially when used with suspended ceilings. There is far more choice with commercial partitions in style, colour and use including glass partitioning. If you are planning to create office space with a mezzanine floor we can apply for building regulations if required on your behalf, we can design supply and install your office partitions and ceiling and fire rate the underneath of the mezzanine floor if required.

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