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Office mezzanine floors

designed, supplied & installed

In the mezzanine floor industry the term ‘commercial’ refers to a mezzanine floor used to supply a service within the business. Such as:

  • Store rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet facilities
  • Office space
  • Meeting rooms.

These office and commercial mezzanine floors are perfect for making the best use of wasted ceiling space.

In the past we have supplied commercial and office mezzanine floors all over the UK for manufacturing companies who require ammenties such as meeting rooms and staff rooms but don’t have the space on ground level, or wish to expand their office space.
Our commercial and office mezzanine floor can effectively double your workable space and triple it if you have space for a multi-tier mezzanine floor and we provide the full service.

We Design, Supply and Fit all commercial and office mezzanines and all the office partitioning and suspended ceilings that your floor will require as well as fire protection and office/storage furniture. All our mezzanine floors are only sourced from quality assured office and commercial mezzanine floor manufacturers based in the UK and continental Europe. 

As independent mezzanine floor suppliers and manufacturers we can guarantee the most cost effective office solutions.  

If you would like any more information please contact us or visit our case studies page.